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Make the move to Google Cloud

In today’s unpredictable business environment, it is essential to attain a competitive advantage on the market. One powerful way to stay ahead, drive agility, maintain flawless operations and gain valuable business insights is migrating your infrastructure, data and services to the cloud: a move which can position you as a digital leader within your industry.

But how do you get there? And more importantly: how do you do it efficiently?

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Make a move – to Google Cloud
Make a move – to Google Cloud

Let Devoteam guide you on your journey to the cloud

Gain a solid understanding of the essentials of Google Cloud migration through our original whitepapers, webinars and expert articles. Learn about our unique accelerators and how they can make an immediate impact for your business.

Why and how to move to Cloud Computing

Browse through our whitepaper and orient yourself in the world of cloud computing.

The A–Z Guide of Google Cloud Migration

Before you begin your journey, get an overview of all you need to know about cloud migration with our webinar.

4 tips to maximize business value when migrating to Google Cloud

Follow our guide and gain the maximum business value out of your Google Cloud investment

Secure a safe landing in your Google Cloud Migration process

Ensure a safe and efficient conclusion to your cloud migration journey by building a Landing zone.

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Cloud Foundations Accelerator

Cloud Foundations

With Devoteam, using Google Cloud get even faster and easier than ever before. Our exclusive accelerators are built by our innovators to ensure you reach your goals smoothly and efficiently.

The Cloud Foundations Accelerator can help you build strong and consistent fundamentals to make any cloud deployment a success.

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Security & Resilience

Key talking points

  • On-premise environments may be perceived as the more secure option in comparison with the cloud, which needs to be compliant and in-accordance with policies
  • Cloud misconfiguration is a key security threat, with nearly 70 % of CISOs citing it as a top concern in a 2020 Ermetic survey
  • Being flexible and maintaining a solid overview of your enterprises’ data can be challenging with an on-premise environment

The Devoteam view

  • Google Cloud provides state-of-the-art security measures and compliance standards, with Devoteam ready to aid you in shaping a comprehensive, cloud-compliant strategy tailored to your specific business needs
  • As Google Cloud experts and Premier Partners, Devoteam can help you prevent misconfiguration and provide regular security trainings, certifications, compliance programs and shape clear policies to make sure you encounter no issues
  • With multiple data centres around the globe, Google Cloud provides resilience and gives to the power to leverage multiple embedded systems, including automation and AI, for monitoring your enterprise

Make a move towards a comprehensive security strategy.

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Get there faster with Devoteam Discover our
Security Assessment

With Google Cloud Security Assessment, Devoteam G Cloud helps its client to improve their security posture.

Using the Cloud Foundation Toolkit scorecard, the security team will execute a scan of the current Google Cloud environment, produce a list of recommendations and walk the customer through the action items to harden security.

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Key talking points

  • On-premise legacy systems require maintenance, workforce, storage and power, meaning there are many hidden costs associated with running them
  • It is important to set the right pace of your FinOps strategy to achieve your business goals while being aligned with your ROI

The Devoteam view

  • With its transparency and flexibility, modernising with Google Cloud infrastructure is a step towards agility and innovation, with further perks lying in potential cost-effective disaster recovery and carbon neutrality
  • Google Cloud allows you to scale your resources as needed without significant upfront infrastructure investments, which can lead to savings in the long term

Make a move to being agile and achieve your ROI.

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Get there faster with Devoteam Discover our

Cloud FinOps is an operational framework and cultural shift that brings technology, finance, and business together to drive financial accountability and accelerate business value realisation.

With Cloud FinOps, Devoteam G Cloud helps its clients to design, run and scale their Cloud environment with a focus on budgeting, cost optimization, forecasting and right-sized architecture and design.

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change resistance

Change Resistance

Key talking points

  • For some, migrating the entirety of their operations to the cloud may seem like a very difficult challenge to tackle if they are considering doing so
  • Enterprises might be unsure if they are technologically ready to migrate at the current time, considering their present structure
  • How will your teams react to the change? Will you encounter frustration or resistance? 
  • Migration and subsequent maintenance of the cloud requires different skill sets

The Devoteam view

  • Transitioning from on-prem to the cloud can take place in instances, with Devoteam being ready to help you form a detailed action plan and help you attain business agility and support you on both multi-cloud and hybrid cloud
  • Devoteam is able to aid you in leveraging your current investments and integrate 3rd party signals into your cloud migration plan
  • Devoteam will also help you with the people’s side of change based on their Prosci-based approach
  • As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Devoteam has a team of certified expert engineers to support you and train your staff to become proficient in the cloud

Make a move towards being the tech leader in your industry.

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Get there faster with Devoteam Discover our
Change Management

The problem? Becoming a data-driven company doesn’t happen overnight. No matter what industry you’re in or how good the technology is.

The solution? A good change management plan can help you accelerate buy-in and therefore adoption where you get full ROI. A structured approach tailored to your company will help you with the people’s side of change.

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Interested in learning more about Change Management? | 30 mins. Watch our exclusive session covering The Change Management Aspects of Google Cloud Migration.

Get an overview of cloud security | 30 mins. Dive into Google Cloud Migration with Security in Mind – Best Practices and Tools

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Our Success Stories See how we helped many other companies
migrate to Google Cloud.

Gant boosts IT efficiency with Google Cloud

Gant, the Stockholm-based clothing retailer GANT is an international clothing…

How FUGA leverages Devoteam’s Vertex AI Foundations to push more ML pipelines into production

FUGA, a leading music distribution and technology company, partnered with Devoteam to streamline their machine learning processes. With Devoteam’s Vertex AI Foundations, FUGA achieved faster ML model deployment, cost efficiency, improved monitoring capabilities, and especially a robust foundation for their ML practices. Now, FUGA is well-prepared to pave the way for future success.

Galeri 24 achieved agile and future-proof IT infrastructure with Devoteam

Devoteam G Cloud’s team took the role of consultants and…

Unifiedpost migrates VMs to Google Cloud

Unifiedpost Group was able to migrate all their workloads into Google Cloud within the desired timeframe of 5 months. Once live, they could immediately benefit from cost savings using sustained use discounts and committed use discounts, combined with VM scheduling. They lowered the time spent by the IT team on daily management, so they have more time available to work on the next innovation.

Modernising Carrefour’s data architecture with Flycs

Carrefour handles an immense amount of data and making the best ROI from this data is a challenge. That’s where Flycs comes in.

Moving to the Cloud: Reitan Convenience Sweden’s Journey to Google Cloud with Devoteam G Cloud

Reitan Convenience Sweden has been a Google Workspace customer of Devoteam G Cloud since 2011 to power better collaboration throughout their business. The goal of Reitan Convenience Sweden is to build applications, e.g. their mobile e-commerce app, public-facing portals and intranet, based on this master data API. They decided to move to the Google Cloud.

Biggest player on Belgian pharmacy market moves SAP workloads to Google Cloud

Replacing their old back-end system from an old SAP to SAP HANA, pharmacy chain Multipharma wanted to move their SAP workloads from a private to public Cloud. Multipharma decided to choose for Google Cloud over Amazon and Azure. Multipharma moved all of their SAP HANA workloads to Google Cloud.

About Devoteam G Cloud Your Go-To Google Cloud Premier partner in Europe

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With +2300 happy customers in 20+ countries, Devoteam G Cloud is a global leader in Google Cloud technologies and a trusted Google Cloud Premier Partner for a decade.

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We’re a certified Managed Services Provider and proud of our 9 Google Cloud Specialisations: Infrastructure, Data Analytics, Cloud Migration, Machine Learning, WorkTransformation – Enterprise, Application Development, Training Infrastructure, Training Data, Location-Based Services.

In June 2021, Devoteam G Cloud was awarded with the “Google Cloud Sales Partner of the Year 2021 – EMEA” award. In April 2020 with the “Google Cloud Reseller Partner of the Year for EMEA” award and in 2017 we were recognized as EMEA Services Partner of the Year. It’s our goal to be the partner of choice for teams and technology creators in their pursuit of sustainable success.

We guide our customers in their cloud journey and support them with our knowledge and expertise, so they can focus on their business while we take care of IT.

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Making the move to Google Cloud

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