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Service Operations

Imagine leveraging everything you appreciate about IT Service Management to enhance the efficiency of your IT Operations. Introducing ServiceNow Service Operations Workspace!

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As a Senior Consultant, you’ll also dive deep into client interactions, uncovering their needs, and delivering customized solutions. Embracing collaboration and innovation, you will be an integral part of a team committed to making a real difference in the industry.

Transform your business by seamlessly fusing strategic expertise, creativity and leading technologies.

Devoteam’s Expert Views

ServiceNow AIOps
Expert View2 min

5 Benefits of ServiceNow AIOps for IT Operations

AIOps is a fusion of the words artificial intelligence (AI) and operations (Ops). To be more precise, it signifies the integration of AI with IT Operations, encompassing sophisticated technology platforms that utilise machine learning, analytics, and data science to autonomously detect and address operational challenges within the field of IT.

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The business case for Service Operations: Maximising efficiency and ROI
Webinar on demand1 min

The essentials of Service Operations: How and why you should build one

Join us for an in-depth exploration of the fundamental principles…

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Workflow Predicitions 2024
Webinar on demand1 min

Workflow Predictions 2024

Once again, we’re kicking off 2024 in style! A new…

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Expert View3 min

Leveraging NIS2 with ServiceNow – Revolutionising workflow integration for enhanced cybersecurity

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the convergence of robust…

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With over 11,000 tech native specialists in 25 countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, we have the capacity to manage large-scale, ambitious projects. Yet, we remain agile enough to deliver customized solutions.

Our unique partnerships with Cloud Platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, ServiceNow, and Salesforce have built our market recognition and won our customers’ trust. Our commitment to excellence, continuous learning, and certification appetite in the latest technologies ensures your transformation journey is impactful and brings measurable results.

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