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Business Automation
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Boost growth with world-class platforms. Digitize processes to speed up – and simplify – your services.

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Combine the power of RPA, ML and AI to expand the possibilities of process automation – to cover all areas of the enterprise.

Digitize business with low code no code

Instill innovation with new ways of developing that will push productivity, further. Optimize your costs and modernize your IT for true scalability.

Upgrade your employee experience with modern collaboration tools

Empower your people with a modern workplace, so they can maximize their productivity and collaborate easily.

Connect with your clients like never before

Get to know your customers inside-out with a centralized knowledge platform. Leverage data and AI to meet – and exceed – your customers’ expectations, and your sales and marketing targets.

Success Stories. Every business has different challenges to overcome. Discover how these companies used business automation to create a streamlined future.

Coca-Cola HBC gains visibility into its entire project universe

The challenge Coca-Cola HBC is a key strategic partner that…

Unlocking value through UX with The City of Copenhagen and ServiceNow

The challenge As one of Denmark’s largest employers with 45,000+…

How FUGA leverages Devoteam’s Vertex AI Foundations to push more ML pipelines into production

FUGA, a leading music distribution and technology company, partnered with Devoteam to streamline their machine learning processes. With Devoteam’s Vertex AI Foundations, FUGA achieved faster ML model deployment, cost efficiency, improved monitoring capabilities, and especially a robust foundation for their ML practices. Now, FUGA is well-prepared to pave the way for future success.

Bachem discovers the power of low-code with Devoteam

The challenge Bachem is a Swiss industry leader in the…

Ministry of HRSD reaps the benefits of efficient service management

The snapshot The challenge When the Ministry of Human Resources…

Copenhagen Airports optimizes the IT infrastructure with ServiceNow Discovery

The snapshot The challenge Copenhagen Airport, commonly referred to as…

Asahi Europe & International takes their automation to the next level with ServiceNow ITSM Pro

Reducing the number of incidents and increasing the speed of their resolution.

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News & Insights. The digital world is always on the move. Keep up to date with the latest news and insights.

May 21, 2024

Why do ServiceNow CMDBs fail?

A properly built CMDB in ServiceNow is key to maintaining…

#cmdb#Devoteam Insight#Expert Article#ITOM#ServiceNow
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Master the secrets to the ServiceNow portal your employees…

Many organisations fall into the trap of neglecting user experience (UX) when it comes to their service portals. This can lead to a cluttered, confusing mess that hinders productivity and employee satisfaction. But there’s a better way! Join Devoteam’s UX specialist in this free webinar where we’ll unveil the secrets to a user-friendly service portal that employees will actually love to use.

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April 19, 2024

The Power of ServiceNow’s Washington DC Field Service Management Marketplace

For those familiar with previous ServiceNow releases, Contractor Management is…

#FSM#ServiceNow#Washington DC Release
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April 18, 2024

Harness the full value of your ServiceNow portal

The ultimate use case for a service portal is for…

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GenAI in ServiceNow: 5 practical use cases

Tired of the hype around GenAI? Join ServiceNow expert Peter Skovgaard and ditch the fluff. In this webinar, Peter will unveil his top 5, battle-tested ways to leverage GenAI within your ServiceNow instance.

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Service Operations Workshop

This workshop will help organizations learn how to avoid common mistakes while building the CMDB, the five main steps to deploy a healthy CMDB, and how it corresponds to IT Asset Management.

#cmdb#ITOM#ITSM#Service Operations#ServiceNow
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April 9, 2024

Enhanced visibility as the key focus of the ServiceNow Washington DC Release for CSM

The latest ServiceNow Washington DC release is here and it’s time to see the most important updates for Customer Service Management. Let’s have a look at the key changes.

#CSM#ServiceNow#Washington DC Release
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GenAI Forum Meet-up

Discover different perspectives of Generative AI era at the GenAI Forum Meet-up, organized by Devoteam ALPS’ Tech Experts. Join us for an insightful local community event, where our speakers will shed light on the latest GenAI technologies highlighted in Devoteam’s TechRadar publication.

#Generative AI
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April 9, 2024

8 Key ITSM Updates in the ServiceNow Washington DC release

As the new release of ServiceNow takes us to the…

#ITSM#ServiceNow#Washington DC Release
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Unlock ServiceNow’s power: Get the user adoption secret from…

Join this exclusive webinar and go behind the scenes with the City of Copenhagen’s Head of Automation and Development, Susanne Hansen and Devoteam’s UI/UX expert, Nanna Frostholm. They will share the winning user adoption strategies that transformed how employees of the City of Copenhagen use ServiceNow.

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March 26, 2024

6 Key Insights into ServiceNow’s Washington DC Release for SecOps

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the significance of cybersecurity cannot…

#Cybersecurity#SecOps#ServiceNow#Washington DC Release
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March 19, 2024

Elevating User Experience with ServiceNow SPM in the Washington DC release

Similar to the last one, the ServiceNow Washington DC release…

#ServiceNow#SPM#ux#Washington DC Release
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