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Unlocking value through UX with The City of Copenhagen and ServiceNow


A newly revamped HR ServiceNow portal with a focus on UX


Increased user satisfaction and user adoption of the portal


The project for the City of Copenhagen paid itself off in less than 2 years

The challenge

As one of Denmark’s largest employers with 45,000+ employees, 3000 managers, 7 different administrations and each with its committees, the City of Copenhagen had to find one solution to streamline its processes. 

After implementing the ServiceNow platform together with Devoteam 6 years ago, they decided that they needed to prioritise user experience and UX design to boost employee satisfaction. They wanted to revamp the look of the existing platform.

The solution

To help the City of Copenhagen achieve its goals, Devoteam experts on UX stepped in and helped design a new HR ServiceNow portal by listening and responding to employees’ needs.

Thanks to the newly redesigned platform, users found it more intuitive and easier to use. The result was not only higher user satisfaction but also the reduction of operational costs because now users were not only able to use the portal better but also felt more comfortable doing so.

The perfect partner is a partner that can do something we can’t do ourselves. Devoteam brought both UX design and ServiceNow platform and those two elements together have been a perfect package for us.

The better change

Improved user experience

The project paid itself off in less than 2 years

Reduced cost of employee support