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Welcome to your new Google Cloud home!

As a part of Devoteam G Cloud, we are happy and eager to serve customers all across the Alps and CEE regions. If you are looking to shift your enterprise to the cloud, we are the ideal guide for your journey.

Have a browse through the list of our services, we are confident we can find a good fit for your needs. Are you ready?

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Google Cloud Service Catalogue
Google Cloud Service Catalogue
Cloud Offering 1

Cloud Foundation Workshop

Embark on the cloud journey with Devoteam experts! Setting off down the road of digital transformation can seem challenging, however, we will make sure you are well prepared for what lies ahead and we are ready to guide you every step of the way.

Main Customer Challenges

→ Understanding the full scale of the cloud
→ Unlocking the entire potential of the cloud
→ Understanding the possible routes to the starting point of your cloud journey
→ Real DevOps transformation

Devoteam Response

→ Experienced Google Cloud Consultants, passionate about helping customers who are at the beginning of their move to the cloud
→ Our strong, lasting and trusted relationships with all of the key cloud vendors

Key Customer Benefits

→ On-demand expertise from skilled and enthusiastic Google Cloud professionals
→ Technical follow-up and guidance through the entire implementation process

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Cloud Offering 2

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Are you prepared to jump on the Google Cloud train? Before the start of the migration process, we will survey the state of your IT landscape to ensure a seamless transformation your infrastructure and applications.

Main Customer Challenges

→ Acute need to transform the majority of the customers home-grown IT landscape in order to enable and support new digital and Agile business models
→ Pressure to complete migrations quickly

Devoteam Response

→ Comprehensive review and assessment of the existing infrastructure and application landscape, which will help form a full understanding of the potential scenarios and TCO of cloud migration

Key Customer Benefits

→ Opportunity to explore an possible blockage points before engaging in a migration project
→ Leveraging all available information in order to find the best possible cost model
→ Identification & preparation of prerequisites to begin the cloud migration process

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Cloud Offering 3

Migration Factory

Leave it to us – transform to the cloud in agile way with Devoteam! We have assembled a squad of passionate cloud experts, who are eager to realize your migration in an efficient and timely manner.

Main Customer Challenges

→ In most cases, the ability to fully transform to the cloud is not a skill set that customers have readily available within their internal teams
→ This skill set is only needed throughout the duration of the migration project

Devoteam Response

→ Our team of experts specializing in different domains is ready to tackle your challenges and make sure the cloud migration goes smoothly
→ Efficient completion of the transformation is ensured by our Agile-experienced project leads

Key Customer Benefits

→ Utilization of proper transition methodologies for selected technologies ensures the project’s effective and timely realization
→ Customer can depend on an experienced team of professionals for their cloud journey

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Cloud Offering 4

SAP on Google Cloud

Save 30-60% annual operating expense while driving innovation and insight from SAP and non-SAP systems – Devoteam can help you get there.

Main Customer Challenges

→ Large SAP environments are usually hosted on-prem, which leads to high TCO
→ The sheer complexity of SAP is often a roadblock to migration
→ Innovating on SAP is rather difficult

Devoteam Response

→ Mitigate the risks of migration by utilizing Devoteam’s and Google’s vast experience
→ Lower the total cost of ownership
→ Drive innovation and insight from SAP and non-SAP systems on a robust cloud platform

Key Customer Benefits

→ Save 30–60% of your annual operating expense over on-prem by migrating SAP to Google Cloud
→ Get the flexibility your business needs while staying secure
→ Leverage the SAP Cloud Acceleration Programs to get started

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FinOps and Automation

Maximize your cloud investment. Bring together technology, finance and business to drive financial accountability and accelerate business value realization.

Main Customer Challenges

→ Usage of GCP grows while there is not sufficient control over the spending between multiple projects
→ Retrospective analyses are not efficient enough

Devoteam Response

→ Mitigate the risks of increasing spending
→ Lower the total cost of ownership
→ Powerful automation support utilizing Terraform and Ansible script library

Key Customer Benefits

→ Save 30–60% of your annual operating expense
→ Leverage the power of automation to track performance, benchmark and optimize your Cloud usage
→ Establish a FinOps culture and continual learning

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December 7, 2022 – 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm UTC+1

Webinar: The A–Z Guide of Google Cloud Migration

Devoteam G Cloud: Your Go-To Google Cloud Premium partner in Europe


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