Why and how to move to Cloud Computing?

Google Cloud

The cost saving, flexibility and scalability benefits of cloud technologies has become impossible to ignore for most businesses. But how can you start your cloud journey and how exactly will your business benefit from it? Reading this white paper, written by our cloud engineers, will help orient you in getting started in the world of cloud technologies.

Download the whitepaper to discover:

  • The operational and cost saving benefits of cloud computing that have driven its rise
  • The process of migrating your IT infrastructure to the cloud
  • Organisational and financial shifts when moving to the cloud
  • How to get started in your cloud journey

Table of contents

  • Editorial
  • Introduction
  • Cloud Computing: the reasons behind its rise
    • Innovation: benefit from the latest technological advancements.
    • Modernisation of IT systems: see improvements in infrastructure and its uses.
    • Reduce operating and infrastructure costs
    • Gain business agility by deploying resources faster
    • Why should you migrate now?
  • How to switch to the Cloud?
    • Migrating your IT as it is
    • Re-platform and switch to managed services
    • Redesign applications or develop new ones with native services
  • Beyond technology
    • Change management and “Training & Change”
    • IT outsourcing: Who operates the environments?
    • Financial management in the Cloud (FinOps)
  • How do you get started?
    • Domain analysis: assessment
    • Define your migration strategy and plan its execution
    • Setting up your Cloud foundations
    • Migrate
  • Conclusion