ServiceNow IRM Quickstart program – go-live in 8 weeks

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Do you use the ServiceNow platform and are you contemplating how to manage IRM in your organization? Do you struggle with where to start, or are afraid all the functionalities will take years to implement? Are you pressured by your stakeholders to have a working solution straightaway? Or maybe you are just considering which solution to use explicitly for risk management and regulatory compliance

Does anything from the paragraph above sound like you? If so, then sign up for our webinar and we will walk you through our 8-week implementation program for ServiceNow IRM. As a result, you will get a solid understanding of where you should start, what activities we will do together, what is needed from you for the project’s success and which benefits you will see after go-live.

Our 45-minute webinar will also highlight several success stories and challenges that our speakers experienced during the implementation projects. The speakers who will introduce our program will be:

  • Jan Rendl (Expert Lead at the Devoteam Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence)
  • Bjorn Rasmussen (ServiceNow IRM & Security Operations Technical Lead at Devoteam Denmark)
  • Filip Láznička (Tech Lead at the Devoteam Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence)
  • Alex Hollis (Senior Manager Presales EMEA – Governance, Risk and Compliance, ServiceNow)

Firstly, let’s have a look at how it’s going to happen:

Webinar Agenda

Date: 19 October 2021
Start time: 11:30 AM CET
Duration: 45 mins.

  • Intro into ServiceNow IRM
  • The vision for the Quickstart program
  • 8-weeks to success: step-by-step guide
  • Customer benefits & success stories
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion

With this webinar, you will:

  • Get the latest on ServiceNow IRM
  • Understand how you can implement the core functionality within 8 weeks
  • Get and overview of the effort required from your side
  • Have a chance to ask questions regarding the program and IRM

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ServiceNow can empower your employees and clients with digitalized workflows, and Devoteam, as the #1 preferred Partner in the EMEA, is eager and ready to help make your digital transformation journey a success. Ready to see what we can bring to the table?