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Does your IT department maintain multiple systems to perform IT Operations? Imagine your system management solutions being aligned across the whole enterprise. Sounds great, right? But we know that it is not an easy task to solve. To harmonize IT operations, ServiceNow comes with a solution on how to overcome the obstacles related to a multitude of monitoring system utilization. Meet ServiceNow Agent Client Collector – the right tool for IT operations orchestration.

When it comes to this topic, companies usually deal with increased monitoring complexity, decentralized monitoring policy and a lack of instrumentation for workflow automation. What we see as another challenge, there are low capabilities to orchestrate Security response on managed endpoints. The coverage of various discovery tools to feed your CMDB with Hardware and Software Asset Management data could also be problematic.

Our experts Jakub Hýl and Ondřej Ernyei from the Devoteam International Centre of Excellence will, together with our partner Thomas Haas from ServiceNow, be introducing the ServiceNow Agent Client Collector solution and highlighting its capabilities to automate and orchestrate IT Operations at scale. And you should be definitely a part of it.

Let’s have a look at how the event will look like.

Webinar Agenda

Duration: 45 mins

  • Introduction – Meet & Greet our speakers
  • Overview on how to unify your IT estate monitoring and discovery as well as enrich your SecOps and Hardware & Software Asset Management solutions
  • Use cases for IT Health, Visibility, Asset Management, Automation and Security response
  • Questions & Answers – Ask us anything
  • Conclusion

With this webinar, you’ll get:

  • A perspective on how ServiceNow Agent Client Collector technology can help you to unlock the potential of automated solutions in IT Operations, such as Asset Management, Discovery, Monitoring and SecOps
  • An opportunity to contribute during the session – interact and ask questions
  • You can aslo get in touch with our speakers after the session to discover more details about the solution

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ServiceNow can empower your employees and clients with digitalized workflows, and Devoteam, as the #1 preferred Partner in the EMEA, is eager and ready to help make your digital transformation journey a success. Ready to see what we can bring to the table?