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ServiceNow ITBM: Strategic Portfolio flight to San Diego

ITBM: Strategic Portfolio flight to San Diego

The ServiceNow solution matured significantly with every new release of its products over the last few years, and this happened especially in the Project Portfolio Management space. The Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) product enables the digital transformation of processes to any enterprise, providing more visibility on reaching strategies and goals to its business executives.

Product rebranding to San Diego: say hello to SPM

Through powerful interactive Workspaces and Dashboards, the Strategic Portfolio Management product supports strategic decisions to drive business opportunities and projects and bring more value to customers by running the process faster and more efficiently. With the new features and opportunities coming from the last releases, more and more business-related departments are using this product to enable their transformation. This is the reason why ServiceNow decided to rename the product from “IT Business Management” to “Strategic Portfolio Management”. 

Along with the product renaming, from the San Diego release, ServiceNow provides also a new user experience, as the interface was totally redesigned.

Alignment Planner Workspace

The Alignment Planner Workspace has got a new modern “look and feel”, to match the new user experience. It is now more interactive providing unified navigation to roadmaps. We can now create and track milestones at the work item level for demands, projects, and epics to focus more on outcomes. When leveraging the Scale Agile Framework, the Alignment Planner allows you to connect visual roadmaps to teams executing in Azure DevOps bi-directionally. 

New Project Workspace

Likewise, with the Project Workspace, it is now a more intuitive and streamlined interface to plan and manage teamwork, tracking and monitoring project tasks enabling task drag & drop, copy & paste, bulk editing, and configurable columns. The new Project Workspace also allows you to get value faster by comparing multiple baselines or by viewing the project’s critical path. 

Digital Portfolio Management

DPM’s unified workspace allows owners, such as portfolio managers, service owners, etc., to holistically view and collectively manage their services, apps, and products through their entire lifecycle. It supports traditional Enterprise Service Portfolio as well as Personal Portfolios which allows solution owners to collect services, offerings, business apps, and other items from across different portfolios or locations.

Resource Management

Since a few releases ago, resource planning can be done more efficiently through the Allocation Workbench user interface. Starting from the San Diego release, it now provides better control of date ranges, supports bulk data filling, and shows the operational resource plans. The resource finder was also improved with a flexible advanced filter and by allowing to force the user capacity update.

Financial Management

The project financials are now reconciled based on new CapEx and OpEx cost plans that are generated automatically by the system to track costs outside planned costs. It ensures that cost calculations are reconciled in a matter that is easy for an executive to understand.

San Diego SPM: Conclusion

The San Diego latest release of ServiceNow is a blow away from the user experience perspective especially. We can notably see the vendor’s effort to make the solution more interactive and efficient for users.

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