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From 20 to 200: Growing with agility in mind

From 20 to 200: Growing with agility in mind

This year, I have been invited to speak at the 16th Annual Conference of itSMF Czech Republic. The overall theme chosen is “Man, don’t get angry!”, aiming for people in the field of technology. As we’re closely working with the companies which are living the digital and cultural transformations, we have decided to share insight and practical tips about how we approach topics like agility, leadership, and skill development. Therefore here are some of the practices we have adopted during the growth from 20 to 200 in the last few years.


We have adopted a mentoring system, therefore the only managers in the organization are project managers. The seniority of the mentors varies across the company and even though they have some management responsibilities, they are advisors first and foremost.

Their ultimate goal is to help the assigned mentee grow in their career. They are not only the owners of some specific products or domains, but most importantly they are role models and culture keepers. 



Only fast, open, and transparent communication and collaboration can bring real results. Therefore, we focus on the agile and product mindset (rather than the project mindset) with clear ownership and responsibilities. Promoting the communities so everyone can share the experience from which the company can leverage.

We’re also encouraging everyone to share honest feedback within the teams and across the company regularly so we can reflect and adjust the way we work and think. 

Only fast, open, and transparent communication and collaboration can bring real results.


The most challenging part when it comes to the new technologies is to stay up to date. All the products from our portfolio are developing really fast, and that’s the reason why we have to invest into our employees.

We have adopted several approaches when it comes to onboarding or skill development. Either it is a structured onboarding training plan and process for junior to mid-senior employees, buddy system, or specific career paths. Thanks to that, everyone has clear visibility and support from day one. 


Because we care about what we do and we are proud of it. We work directly with our clients – as their partners, sharing the same visions. We celebrate the achievements, and sometimes even the failures. But the most important is that every single team member is being part of that journey to see the impact of its work.

For more information and additional context, you can check the recording from this presentation (Czech language). 

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