ServiceNow & Sustainability: a new ESG tool to help you workflow a better world

ServiceNow & Sustainability: a new ESG tool to help you workflow a better world

ServiceNow has set ambitious targets to become CO2e neutral. This means knowing and also understanding the complete value chain around their products and services. Join us and explore how ServiceNow ESG can subsequently help you and the world.

ServiceNow is turning its best practice knowledge on ESG reporting into a product you can use. The ambition is to make ESG reporting obviously less time-consuming and more straightforward. As a result of international reporting standards like GRI and SASB, ServiceNow has designed an add-on service in their universe of supporting your important business processes.

Moreover, we will also introduce you to Aguaro – a mission-based company 100% dedicated to Sustainable IT with its ServiceNow Application: My IT Footprint. It is a unique Built-On-Now application that allows end-to-end management of its Sustainable IT Journey. All thanks to leveraging the high possibilities of automation and integration with IT processes already deployed on its own ServiceNow instance.

Why is the ServiceNow ESG tool relevant

If your company falls under new regulations related to sustainability reporting, you can certainly use your ServiceNow platform to make reporting easier and less time-consuming. It is estimated, that reporting compliance with the newly implemented EU taxonomy regulation will take out between a half and 5 FTEs.


  • 9.00: Welcome by Devoteam and ServiceNow
  • 9.05: What’s new on sustainability megatrends by Devoteam – Sif Neldeborg, Sustainability expert, Devoteam Management Consulting
  • 9.20: ServiceNow on their approach towards sustainability – Philip Langelund, Advisory Solution Consultant, ServiceNow
  • 9.40: My IT footprint  – Matthieu Poulard, Co-Founder, Aguaro

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ServiceNow can empower your employees and clients with digitalized workflows, and Devoteam, as the #1 preferred Partner in the EMEA, is eager and ready to help make your digital transformation journey a success. Ready to see what we can bring to the table?