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Sign up today! ServiceNow Training program

The 2-week training program is focused on the ServiceNow Platform. Once you finish this training, you will have 1 week of self-study concluded by a final exam. Then, you will be able to use your knowledge on our team in the role of Technical Consultant and will become a specialist in different areas such as ITSM, Customer Service, HR, IT Operations and other.

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Sign up today! ServiceNow Training program

Get certified with Devoteam and boost your career, which enables you to be part of international projects and teams as an IT Technical Consultant in our company.

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About What can I expect from the training ?

The ServiceNow Training program provides you with:

2+1 weeks of onsite training

After the two-week training itself, there will then be a third week of self-study concluded by a final exam.

4 times a year

We will hold the ServiceNow Training program 4 times in 2022 – in March, June, September and November.

ServiceNow CSA certification

The training is finished by certification (CSA). If not successful on first attempt, it’s possible to repeat it.

Training location: Devoteam Prague (CZ)

If Covid-19 restrictions allow for it, the training will be held on-site at our office in Prague.

1st day contract

You will have a contract with Devoteam from the very first day – all participants will be our employees.

3 hiring locations

Currently, we are hiring in all our locations – Prague, Ostrava, Bratislava.

We will hold our training program four times over the course of 2022:


Hiring is underway! See where you can apply below!


We will begin hiring for our June course in early spring 2022.


We will begin hiring for our September course in early summer 2022.


We will begin hiring for our November course in late summer 2022.

Where can I apply?

Are you located in or close to Prague, Ostrava or Bratislava? Then select one of the 3 cities and hit the APPLY button now!

Location – Prague

Location – Ostrava

Location – Bratislava

Hear from our trainers and program alumni:

Don’t wait until next chance. Join us and unlock your potential with our ServiceNow Training program!

About Jakub

Jakub Luptovec

ServiceNow Trainer, Devoteam Alps & International Centre of Excellence

Hear from our trainers and program alumni:

Save your ticket into the world of new challenges, projects, and most importantly, a team of pros who all act together as one.

About Tomáš

Tomáš Sýkora

ServiceNow Trainer, Devoteam Alps & International Centre of Excellence

Hear from our trainers and program alumni:

Amazing coaches and a great opportunity to start my IT career.

Veronika Hřivnáčová

ServiceNow Training program alumna

Hear from our trainers and program alumni:

This is how I discovered ServiceNow. After one year, I can tell that this is just the beginning.

Patrik Zemánek

ServiceNow Training program alumnus


Hear from our program alumni!


Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will the training take place?

We will hold the program 4 times in 2022 – in March, June, September and November – at our offices in Prague (Ovocný trh 8, Prague 1). Devoteam will take care of travel and accomodation for all of the non-Prague office (Ostrava and Bratislava) participants.

Effective anti-covid measures will be observed during the training, we are actively and carefully observing the situation.

For whom is the training meant?

The training is aimed at those who are interested in the field of IT consulting and the world of IT at large. Applicants who meet the necessary requirements (see the qualification section of the job listing) will be admitted into the selection procedure, from which we will pick the participants.

Will I be a Devoteam employee even during the training?

Yes. All of the candidates who will successfully pass through the selection procedure will be employed by Devoteam from the first day of the training.

What language will the training be conducted in? What is the required level of English for the training?

The entire training will be conducted in English, since non-Czech speaking candidates will be allowed to take part as well.

Your level of English is tested during the selection procedure, the required level is at least B2 (communicative).

Will I receive the necessary technical paraphernalia (laptop / phone?)

Yes, all of our employees receive the required gear on their first day of employment.

What does the training plan actually look like?

The training with our certified trainers will take place over the course of two weeks. The following week will be reserved for self-study and preparation for the final ServiceNow CSA (Certified System Administrator) exam, the exact date of which will be picked by each candidate individually.

What happens if I fail the final exam? Will my employment contract be terminated?

We understand that everyone might not be able to complete the exam on the first attempt and that your performance might be impacted by nervousness, for example. Therefore, you will be able to repeat the exam. Failure to complete the exam will in no way mean an automatic termination of your employment during the trial period.

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a platform which allows for the automatization of IT processes for medium and large organizations. It offers a wide range of products, which are realized through the cloud platform, and which automatize and operate relationships during the realization of services throughout the entire organization.

At Devoteam, we believe that our clients should work on the projects that make a difference for them and their eco-system. ServiceNow is the enterprise platform (and trusted partner) which enables us to structure, automate and release routine tasks and focus on our client’s core business. We call it #TechforPeople.  To help our clients to achieve maximum potential, reach their goals and win their digital battles, we founded Devoteam International Centre of Excellence (ICE).

We brought all our ServiceNow expertise together. As a Double Gold ServiceNow partner we believe our customers deserve this concentration of knowledge. We aim to leverage our expertise and practices to deliver the best services to our customers. For our ServiceNow offer, the ICE team is a key resource.

Do you want to learn more about ServiceNow? Just wait for the training. 😉 Or if you are eager to know more, just check ServiceNow website:

I have looked up ServiceNow and I’m worried that I won’t be able to learn it. Is it as vast as it seems?

ServiceNow truly is a very vast platform, however, there is no reason to be worried. The maximum amount of support will be given to our employees both during and after the training. We have a great team of colleagues, who are always ready to advise and help you.

I don’t have any experience with ServiceNow, I’ve never encountered it before. Do I still have a chance to pass the training?

Of course. The training is designed so that every selected candidate is able to pass it. The entire program is set up so that everyone can learn everything necessary, regardless of whether they have prior experience with ServiceNow or not. It is not a requirement.

What happens after I complete the training and pass the exam? Who can I turn to if I’ll need something?

There is a mentoring system in place at Devoteam. Each consultant has their mentor, a senior consultant, who helps them along their career path. During the trial period, each consultant also has their own “uncle”, with whom he is in intense contact with and resolves any needs related to the job of a consultant. Additionally, he also has the option to talk everything over with an HR representative, with whom he will meet several times during the trial period.

What will my job’s agenda be after I conclude the training? Will I be immediately assigned to projects?

Our goal is to involve new consultants with our projects as soon as possible.

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