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ServiceNow ITBM Rome release is bringing exciting new enhancements for Business Executives

ServiceNow ITBM Rome release is bringing exciting new enhancements for Business Executives

Referring to my last ServiceNow Quebec Release article addressing new ITBM features, the new release named “Rome” is also introducing new improvements. Speaking about the new features, I would like to highlight the following three main ones:

1 – Hybrid roadmaps

Compared to the previous version, the Alignment planner workspace v2 now allows to plan and track hybrid roadmaps. It means that from now on, a single roadmap can display opportunities (demands), projects and agile epics all in one view. This provides a full, comprehensive view on all activities in a given timeline. In addition to that, by clicking on a “Tracking Mode” switch, you can see actual information about tasks completion and its status in real time.

Source: ServiceNow

2 – Non-monetary benefits

Apart from monetary benefits, the new ServiceNow ITBM Rome release has introduced a non-monetary benefit planing feature. Identification of non-monetary benefits, such as: customer satisfaction score, cost saving, process improvement, defect rate reduction etc. provides an extra value to stakeholders especially. This fuels continual improvement by tracking and adjusting benefit realization.

3 – Consolidated view on operational and planned work

The new release finally provides a single pane of view for operational and planned work. The allocation workbench now provides the consolidated view of resources in terms of allocation of its activities.


ServiceNow has been continually maturing its ITBM product since it was first time introduced. It now provides a solid solution to cover entire enterprise processes, so that business leaders have instant visibility on meeting-predefined strategies and their goals in terms of generated value. On the other hand, it is based on thorough work of all employees when dealing with business opportunities and driving hybrid projects eventually.

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