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New Features in ServiceNow Quebec Release

New Features in ServiceNow Quebec Release

We are here to review the new ServiceNow Quebec release. We will overview and introduce to you new interesting features and enhancements.
ServiceNow focused on implementing and improving AI Features, Analytics, Intelligence, reporting, Mobile apps, and more. It was tough to pick just a few from the upgrade, but here is the list of things we are most excited about.

Workforce Optimization for ITSM

Workforce Optimization is a new tool designed to help manage and maintain the productivity of your workforce, allowing you to manage team’s skills, schedules, work assignments, and monitoring their performance from a single Console.


  • Recommendation of skills for agents
  • Queues to route the agents on assigned groups and skillset
  • Monitor and measure team performance and provide feedback using assessments
  • Coaching and providing training to your team
Predict demand for agents: Using your historical data to forecast resources for your shifts.
Automating employee coaching and training: Assess your team’s performance and set coaching plans to improve their skills.

User Experience Analytics

Part of Now Intelligence, Formally called Mobile Analytics, since the Paris release known as User Experience Analytics, is a tool used to collect and analyze usage of Mobile Apps, now also includes service portals.

Experience Analytics provides options to monitor the key performance indicators, which then helps to make better decisions on where and how to optimize and improve portals.

User Experience Analytics Dashboard: Review what do people order from the service catalog, which knowledge articles are most viewed, how and where do users spend their time on the portal.

Enhancements of Now Mobile Apps

ServiceNow clearly focused to improve the experience not only for users but also for the Developers, making customization of the apps more accessible and the apps themself feel better than ever before.
With new Mobile developer tools, customized card view, and AI search, it’s now the best time to deep dive in and uses the full potential of mobile apps.

Customized card views: Use Cards to display records in the mobile app in a clear and appealing way.
Mobile Card Builder: Tool for developers to create cards using out of the box Templates or by creating their own custom templates.

Dispatcher Workspace

Workspace is a word we can see often when reviewing the release notes, since the release of Agent workspace, many things have improved and now are being distributed to other parts of the platform.
Dispatching for Field service management is not an exception,
All of the dispatching features were brought together under one modern interface making the workflow of the dispatcher more efficient and intuitive
to efficiently route work to field service agents, or to monitor their performance.

Dispatcher Dashboard: The homepage of the Dispatcher Workspace

Engagement Messenger

A feature which was often requested in the past by many customers, has been added and it would be a shame to not mention, we can now quickly and with low-code or no-code deploy Servicenow messenger with all its perks as AI search, virtual agent chat, and messaging. With options to access Knowledge, service catalog, cases, work orders, and appointment booking extending the self-service experience to third-party portals.

Live agent chat
Catalog feature

Information and screenshots used in this article are coming from official ServiceNow documentation released for the Quebec upgrade.

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