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New Features in ServiceNow Orlando Release

ServiceNow brings us yet another release called Orlando, introducing new major features and enhancements. Today we will overview a few of those we found most interesting and we consider worth talking about.

Similarly as in New York, the Orlando release also further focuses on the development and enhancements of mobile applications and functions within, as a new generation of employees is more than used to work with mobile phones, as it offers simple and intuitive user-friendly solutions.

Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics provides a real-time view of IT KPIs, helps to drive business transformation and makes decisions based on easily accessible data.

Personalized visuals are what stands out – an anticipated feature that enables the viewer to display information available only to him through a dashboard or workspace canvas, now includes time series, pies, and integrations of bars.

Solid tool to help companies prioritize resources, identify areas for improvements and plan ahead. Performance analytics is now also available for mobile dashboards in ServiceNow mobile app.

Agile Development 2.0

Agile Development application provides agile software development for the product-based environment or project-based efforts, using the Scrum framework.

Orlando brings Scrum Programs which allow you to track and plan teams’ work and use a centralized view to plan/compare workloads as well as new Quick Start tests. Agent dashboards are usable on mobile devices as well.

Agile Work Item Integrations (Jira)

If the source of your work is in the ServiceNow platform while the progress of the work is tracked in Jira, you can now perform integrated tracking of your product development efforts by integrating Agile Development to Jira.

Mobile branding

New option to create a visually distinct version of the ServiceNow mobile app.
It allows us to configure each mobile app with a unique name, splash screen, icon, security vendor, and theme colors.

The function is available both for Android and iOS, in order to get one it is necessary to request and follow suggested practices for branded apps for each OS which can be found on the official ServiceNow docs page.

Mobile Analytics

Mobile Analytics application provides dashboard views for monitoring key performance indicators built with the ServiceNow mobile platform.

The application visualizes metrics and interactions to better understand the user experience, and create more intuitive journeys.


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