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5 things you need to know about ServiceNow Utah release for Creator Workflows

5 things you need to know about ServiceNow Utah release for App Engine

Thanks to the newest ServiceNow release – Utah, scaling citizen development is even easier than it was before. You can see that the main focus is on streamlining app development and giving prescriptive guidance in creating low-code applications. Let’s have a closer look at the key updates below.

1. App Engine Studio
Service Request Management Template

The new Service Request Management app template provides an easy way to request and provision a broad range of internal services by building apps with the Service Request Management template.

Now you can empower your employees by guiding them through the process, including the required information. Make the approval process transparent, and keep them updated on the status and outcome of their request.

2. Table Builder
Table Extension form a spreadsheet

When importing a spreadsheet, you can now upload spreadsheet data by extending an existing table. Map source spreadsheet fields directly to existing fields in a data table while creating new fields in the table from the source spreadsheet as needed.

Table Builder, Source: ServiceNow
3. Platform Enhancements
Convert Items to a Subflow in flow designer

With the Utah-Release consecutive items of a flow can be converted into a new subflow that preserves data pill references between the converted items. After you created the new Subflow you can update the original flow to replace the converted items with a call to the new subflow.

Flow State support in Flow Diagram

Previously it was not possible but in Utah, you can now easily define and update stages in the Flow Diagramming view.

Flow Designer Diagramming, Source: ServiceNow
4. Virtual Agent
Automatic Testing for Virtual Agent

The Automated Test Framework (ATF) enables you to create and run automated tests to confirm that your instance works after making a change.

Additionally, starting with Utah you can now leverage ATF for Virtual Agent topics. Therefore, you can create and run automated tests through the Automated Test Framework to confirm that your topic flow works after making a change.

5. Now Mobile
Changing between multiple instances on a single mobile device

After upgrading to the latest iOS or Android, the client user will be able to switch between multiple instances without re-login.

Input form screen enhancements

The Input form screen has been enhanced with the following:

  • New input types: Barcode Input for scanning barcodes and Signature Input to capture e-signatures on the Input form screen.
  • List, Map, Calendar, and Record screens support Parameterized Data Items, which provide all the advantages of input form screens. End users can then search and filter for specific records on these screens based on user input in an Input form screen.
BONUS: Document Intelligence

Document Intelligence is an artificial intelligence (AI) solution that enables organisations to automate and accelerate the process of extracting data from documents. That data can then easily be integrated into larger automation workflows to save time and resources.

With the Utah release, the new Document Intelligence admin interface is built on the Next Experience to do the following:

  • monitor the performance of Document Intelligence solutions with a dashboard
  • be guided through the configuration of document processing tasks
Document Intelligence, Source: ServiceNow

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