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June 5, 2024 - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm UTC+2

Bridge Your Enterprise Data to AI

Google Cloud

Google Office Zurich

Building D, Floor 9, Europaallee 20, 8004, Zurich

This event will introduce a groundbreaking reference architecture aimed at seamlessly integrating your standard enterprise data sources with your AI transformation strategy.

We’ll demonstrate how you can harness Google technology without the need for another extensive infrastructure project, by simply connecting existing data sources like Azure DB, AWS DB, Salesforce, ServiceNow, or any other business application or data source. This event is tailored for IT business decision-makers.

Join us for breakfast at the Google offices – and their terrace – in Zurich on the 5th of June and discuss your AI future with our technical and business leaders alongside Google experts.

Event Agenda


30 mins

Meet & Greet – Breakfast Time
Jakub Hýl, Devoteam

30 min

Unveiling the Architecture to Bridge Your Enterprise Data to AI

Unify your data landscape by bridging the gap between your existing data infrastructure and AI initiatives. Gain insights into reference architecture and key components that seamlessly connect multiple data sources, laying strong foundations for AI use cases. Be inspired by our clients’ successful implementations for a comprehensive understanding.


15 min

Coffee Break & Refreshments
Jakub Hýl, Devoteam

60 min

Seamlessly integrate your Enterprise Data

Empower your AI strategy by unlocking the true potential of your data, leveraging it for powerful AI transformations. Streamline data integration by discovering a proven reference architecture for efficient and reliable data integration. Unveil cutting-edge architecture, getting a first look at how vector databases, RAG, and LangChain can work together to revolutionize your data-to-AI pipeline.

Jakub Hýl, Devoteam

15 min

Q&A part

90 min

Lunch with Devoteam at Google Rooftop restaurant (optional)


Jakub Hýl, Devoteam
Jakub Hýl

Google Certified AI Trainer

Devoteam ALPS

June 5, 2024 - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm UTC+2

Bridge Your Enterprise Data to AI