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Chapter 3

The user at the centre – personalised service experiences with GenAI

In today’s competitive landscape, user experience (UX) is the cornerstone of exceptional service delivery.  ServiceNow’s Washington DC release, empowered by GenAI, pioneers a new era in personalised service request fulfilment. 

The power of user experience: Beyond ticket resolution

User experience is no longer just about resolving tickets. It’s about fostering positive interactions at every touchpoint. Traditionally, providing personalised service has often been a challenge due to factors like:

  • Limited user data: Lack of comprehensive user data hinders understanding of individual preferences and needs.
  • Generic service offerings: One-size-fits-all approaches fail to cater to user diversity and specific requirements.
  • Resource constraints: Limited resources can restrict the ability to provide dedicated attention to each user.

Introducing the user satisfaction scorecard

Measuring user satisfaction is crucial for gauging the effectiveness of GenAI’s personalisation efforts. Here’s what to consider:

Qualitative feedback:

  • Surveys, interviews, and focus groups: Gather valuable insights into user perceptions beyond numerical data.

Quantitative metrics:

Continuous improvement: The journey continues

Effective user experience optimisation requires ongoing monitoring and iterative improvement:

  • Baseline establishment
  • Segmentation and analysis
  • Continuous monitoring and refinement
  • Alignment with business goals

By combining data analysis with user feedback, organisations can effectively measure the success of GenAI in delivering personalised and efficient service experiences. Continuous improvement based on these insights is essential for fostering long-term user satisfaction and setting new benchmarks in the digital age.