ServiceNow Playbooks – empower your customer service team

ServiceNow Playbooks - empower your customer service team

There are many challenges within customer service you might recognise yourself in – rapid growth, complex products and services or pressure to increase productivity. Most of the time, they are closely related and co-occur.

Devoteam CSM Expert Lead Petr Smejkal invites you to join our webinar to discover the ServiceNow Playbooks – a unique process automation approach with step-by-step guidance that allows your teams to resolve customer issues confidently. 

Make sure your team is ready for a new era of Customer Service Management. Even more than that – your staff will love the solution.

Watch the webinar to understand ServiceNow Playbooks from scratch.


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ServiceNow can empower your employees and clients with digitalized workflows, and Devoteam, as the #1 preferred Partner in the EMEA, is eager and ready to help make your digital transformation journey a success. Ready to see what we can bring to the table?