Mastering Application Development Governance with ServiceNow App Engine Management Center

Even though now enterprises are able to build quality applications quickly with the App Engine Studio, they are still facing a number of challenges e.g. Governance of Applications. With the numerous applications reaching the roof, we can potentially lose control over them and managing them becomes harder with each new application added. How to tackle those challenges? With ServiceNow’s App Engine Management Center.

The App Engine Management Center brings visibility through the whole development lifecycle and significantly increases transparency for better control and compliance of the citizen development efforts. As everyone likes to have a single point of access to governing everything from one place, the Management Center is fulfilling our desires with one dashboard.

We can address any bottlenecks across the whole development lifecycle, from development to release into the production environment. On top of that, the Management Centre is enforcing compliance by ensuring that the correct roles are assigned to the right developers.

Business Features:

  • Collaborate, manage, and govern low-code app development end-to-end.
  • Manage all aspects of application development centrally: app intake, deployments, pipeline monitoring
  • Tailor app dev processes and procedures for your organisations needs
  • Realise Citizen development at scale

Tech Features:

  • Manage from single location: Govern low-code with app and developer visibility.
  • Review app ideas (request for a new application)
  • Delegated access: Ensure developers have the right level of access when approving a collaborator to build on an app.
  • Automated deployments

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