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Congstar – Learning customer care service

“You want it. You get it.” This advertising slogan says it all for the Deutsche Telekom low-cost provider, congstar. congstar is the one and only mobile services and DSL discounter in Germany offering broadband internet access (DSL), an access package of telephone and internet, and mobile network services from one source. It is important to the Telecom subsidiary headquartered in Cologne that their clients understand discounted prices do not necessarily mean poor service.

Main challenges

congstar wanted to deploy the multi-channel customer service solution from RightNow to improve its Customer Care solution. All customer service communication including FAQs, the processing of requests by agents, the tracking of tickets, the reply, and the analysis of the service workflows were to be handled and optimized through the new platform. Outlook and Lotus Notes were to be integrated.

What did we solve?

Devoteam was in charge of designing and implementing the multi-channel customer service solution of RightNow, as well as developing additional report and analysis capabilities. The congstar workflows require that customer inquiries are answered through a FAQ list in the first instance. And, in case the inquiries are not completed answered, a hand-over to a customer care agent is provided. This is submitted via email by clicking on a “submit button”. The call center agents shall be informed in advance by the RightNow system about the client history, his activities and all FAQs he viewed related to the current inquiry. Redundant steps are thereby avoided and the system enables agents to serve the client in a professional manner. The system responds to keywords both to qualify the issue quickly for  the web search and to support the customer care agent. A so-called “smart assistant” supports both email and web form inquiries.
“Thanks to the new self-learning system, we are able to increase our service quality significantly and thus to manage the agents in a more efficient manner,” says Hans Schuhmacher, IT Service Management of congstar. “As a consequence, the processing times have been significantly reduced, to the delight of our customers.”

Main benefits

Fast and efficient design and implementation of the RightNow system due to Devoteam consultants’ comprehensive system knowledge, industry expertise and process know-how, especially in the fields of telecommunications and customer care services.
The RightNow system is a multi-channel customer care service solution built on a knowledge base that powers the FAQ management. It is designed to leverage the clients’ questions to build and develop the knowledge base in order to provide the appropriate information to the agents.
Apart from a flexible FAQ database, a number of analysis and report capabilities are available. Missing report and information gap analysis has been developed by Devoteam.
Devoteam consultants’ extraordinary flexibility to adopt requirement changes during the project phase is considered a critical success factor and made Devoteam a perfect partner for congstar.