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Let’s Bike to Work this May!

Bike to Work - OVA

Dust off your helmet, grab your gloves and hop on your bicycle: it’s time to bike to work! Devoteam Alps will take part in the 13th Annual Bike to Work Challenge this May, which is organised by AutoMat – a Czech NGO.

Nearly 30 riders across all of our three branches – Prague, Ostrava & Bratislava – have answered the challenge and will spend the month travelling to the office in ways which are routine to some, but unusual to others.

Despite the name of the challenge, participants don’t have to strictly take a bicycle to work – other non-motorized methods of transport such as running, walking, skateboarding or longboarding count towards the team’s score as well.

The competition offers the perfect opportunity to improve your well-being, both physical and mental, as well as cut down your carbon dioxide emissions and help the environment. 

Good luck to all riders and may the best team win!