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Hello from Google Cloud: The Best of Next 2022

Google Cloud

Last week, our Cloud Domain Leader Jakub Hýl had the pleasure of attending the Google Cloud: The Best of Next 2022 conference in Prague. At the event, Google presented interesting technological innovations, which were recently unveiled at the worldwide edition of this local event. 

It’s fair to say that Google’s GCP service is significantly growing in our region, not only in terms of business and client base but also from the perspective of the Czech team, which has nearly tripled in size over the past six months.

It was great to listen to one client in particular. While their consumers know them as a company specialising in the delivery of goods ordered online, they like to think of themselves as primarily a tech company which also delivers goods. 

To a certain extent, this term is crucial for us because it signifies which direction future companies will head in. Services of all kinds are now increasingly focusing on improving their availability from the comfort of consumers’ homes – available anytime from anywhere with a small window of time for their realisation. Today, these conditions can not be met in any other way than fully transforming to the agile environment of the cloud.

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