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Generative Ren–AI–ssance: Discover the power of Google Cloud and Generative AI

Discover the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in reshaping business strategies at the upcoming Generative Ren–AI–ssance Business Breakfast hosted by Devoteam and Google Cloud.

Google Cloud

Taking place on January 24th at Google’s Prague offices, the insightful morning will bring together industry experts Jakub Hýl (Cloud Domain Lead at Devoteam) and Jan Smerhovsky (Product Account Manager, Data & AI from Google) to share insights on integrating AI into the operations of enterprises across sectors such as Customer Service, Banking, Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, and more.

Attendees will explore practical AI applications, including Enterprise Search and AI Discovery Engine, in a hands-on session. This event signifies the starting point for businesses looking to embark on Cloud transformation and modernization journeys, led by collaborative expertise from Devoteam and Google Cloud.

Join us for an insightful morning on January 24th to delve into the potential of GenAI and begin your enterprise’s journey towards embracing AI innovations.