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Devoteam unveils strategic merger of Germany and ALPS for ServiceNow activities to establish Devoteam N Platform Central – a dedicated powerhouse for ServiceNow expertise in the region

Prague, 25.01. 2024 – Devoteam, a tech consulting firm specialised in cloud, cybersecurity, data, and sustainability, has proudly announced the creation of the Devoteam N Platform Central – a strategic collaboration of Devoteam Germany and Devoteam ALPS (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, and Switzerland) with a dedicated focus on the ServiceNow expertise. Devoteam N Platform Central strengthens its foothold in response to the growing demand for enterprise transformation in the region. As a result, customers can confidently anticipate a heightened level of service, leveraging enhanced capabilities and distinctive market position.

The best combined

Devoteam N Platform experts have been helping clients for years to implement efficient digital workflows, improve employee experience and redesign and strengthen customer engagement by implementing effective digitalisation strategies.

Thomas Breuer

As part of the newly founded Devoteam N Platform Central, we want to combine the strengths of the Devoteam Germany and Devoteam ALPS regions into a powerful unit – the International Center of Excellence. With the consolidation of both regions, we are setting a new focus on the ServiceNow business with the aim of further deepening existing expertise, creating new competencies and strengthening cooperation with ServiceNow.

The team of over 800 technology experts pursues a holistic transformation approach across the entire ServiceNow platform. This concept has already led to impressive successes in the past and convinced numerous companies. Devoteam has been a ServiceNow Elite Partner since 2019 and was named Global IT Workflow Partner of the Year in 2021 and EMEA Elite Partner of the Year in 2023.

Customised services & strong partnerships

This merger will not only enable Devoteam N Platform’s experts to better meet the individual needs of their customers but also to tackle the rapidly increasing demand for ServiceNow’s solutions in Germany. Devoteam N Platform specialises in a variety of areas, including IT Service and IT Operations Management, HR Service Delivery, Application Development, Customer Service Management, Security Operations, Governance, Risk and Compliance and Strategic Portfolio Management, providing support where it is needed. 

The collaboration between the two regions is intended to further expand these competencies and, above all, ensure seamless, comprehensive and trustworthy service delivery for customers. Devoteam N Platform Central offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, encompassing customised advisory and consulting offerings, along with implementation services, to cater to the diverse needs of companies across different industries.

Devoteam N Platform Central also offers new opportunities in terms of further partnerships:

Sebastien Chevrel

From the ServiceNow focus perspective, the merger of Devoteam Germany and the ALPS region, not only strengthens our commitment to excellence but also consolidates our presence in one of the fastest growing regions and promotes mutual growth and success.

Sylvain Bernolle, CEO of Devoteam ALPS & ICE

We are thrilled about the formation of Devoteam N Platform Central, as it signifies a strategic alignment that brings together the best of both regions. The International Center of Excellence is well-positioned to drive meaningful change for businesses.

Markus Ehrle

At ServiceNow, we embrace the enhanced capabilities that Devoteam N Platform Central brings to our partnership. We are eager to leverage our combined resources to meet the growing demand for ServiceNow solutions in the Central European region.

About Devoteam 

Devoteam is a leading consulting firm focused on digital strategy, tech platforms and cybersecurity. By combining creativity, technology and data insights, we empower our clients to transform their business and unlock the future. With more than 25 years of experience and 10.000 employees across Europe and the Middle East, Devoteam promotes responsible technology for people and works to create better change.