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Devoteam hosted the March 2023 Coco Meetup

Cocuma Meetup 1

On Tuesday, March 21st, 2023, we had the immense pleasure of hosting the Coco Meetup: an inspiring event for companies fortunate enough to be a part of Cocuma.

The meeting was centered around the interesting subjects of mentoring and internal knowledge sharing. After a brief introduction by Cocuma creator Petr Skondrojanis, our Managing Director Sylvain Bernolle, HR Manager Zuzana Cmuntová and Project Manager David Převrátil shared their insights into how Devoteam leverages its unique company culture, based around our five key values, to tackle this complex topic. The event then concluded with a panel discussion, which included Jiří Halousek from Iresoft.

Our system is a great source of pride for us, and we are happy that we could share it with other like-minded businesses. We would like to thank the team over at Cocuma for trusting us to host this gathering, and all of the attendees for taking the time out of their evenings to join us. We hope all of you found value within the event and we look forward to networking with you at future Coco Meetups.

Check out Devoteam’s profile on Cocuma.