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Achievements of our May Bike to Work Challenge

Our recent May Bike to Work Challenge aimed to promote sustainable commuting practices among employees across our branches in Prague, Ostrava, and Bratislava. Nearly 30 riders from 7 teams participated, choosing any non-motorized mode of transport.

As the challenge ended, we were thrilled by the impact made collectively. Our employees saved 432.12 kg of CO2 emissions and covered 3,550.24 kilometers! 

The average regularity rate reached 71%, with the best team achieving an impressive 99.1% regularity. Our best male participant covered 872.5 km, while our best female participant traveled 326.3 km, showcasing exceptional dedication and enthusiasm.

The success of this challenge can inspire us to continue promoting sustainable commuting practices, benefiting both the environment and our employees’ well-being. Let’s keep moving toward a greener future!