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ServiceNow San Diego: What’s new in Customer Service Management?

ServiceNow San Diego What's new in Customer Service Management

ServiceNow’s new San Diego release brings with it a host of new features and enhancements in the CSM domain, as well ones related to FSM and Industry products. Here is a look at these new features.

Order Management

In today’s world, businesses lack visibility into their customer orders particularly if they rely on ERP or legacy order management systems, and ServiceNow has historically been unable to provide horizontal order management.

Despite CSM supplying a basic set of order/order line tables for importing simple orders, and raising orders by using order cases, ServiceNow did not have the order workflows required for industries such as telecommunications and media.

Having this limitation, customers across various industries were unable to easily place orders based on available products or install base items, track orders or request updates on their orders (particularly when using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or legacy order management systems).

In the San Diego release, ServiceNow and the CSM workspace now enable agents to create new orders, view existing orders, and manage them centrally, while customers can access their order status and order lines through the service portal and the virtual agent.

For a more detailed overview of Order Management, please see this article.

Workspace enhancements

The configurable CSM workspace, combined with the new Next Experience, will make agents’ lives easier.

Through unified navigation, agents will be able to effortlessly switch between workspaces and the traditional UI. Using list personalization, agents will be able to adjust workspace list views – including column width – without having to create their own lists. Last but not least, theming will enable agents to switch to a preferred theme, including the new, slick-looking dark mode.

These enhancements might seem minor, but they address some of the key pain points in usability that adopters of the workspace face.

Other features that are included in San Diego CSM are to collaborate on customer problems proactively and resolve customer issues

Language detection

The language detection machine learning model will also detect the language of incoming cases and route those cases to agents or teams with the right language skills.

Profanity filtering

Profanity filtering for Agent chat will trigger an alert to supervisors when agents use profane or inappropriate language in customer interactions. It will be also possible to configure keyword lists and supervisor alerts. Block any profane language by agents in real-time.

Technology Industry

ServiceNow with each release is focusing to provide all its customers and prospects with additional functionalities focused by industries. Before the San Diego release, we already had some products focused on the industry like for example:

  • Financial Operations
  • Healthcare and Life Science
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications

In this release, we have a new industry product called “Technology Industry”

Let us review the functionalities that this product offers to us and will be available on next March release.

The technology industry connects your entire technology provider operation with one platform to deliver proactive care and maximize the availability and quality of service.

Inside this solution we have as core applications:

  • Technology Provider Service Management
  • Order Management for Telecommunications, Media, and Technology applications. 

These applications bring together customer care, operations, order management, and partner ecosystems so that technology providers can scale their business to capitalize on the fast-growing “everything-as-a-service” opportunity.

In 4 key points, the Now Platform offers a series of benefits.

Elevate the customer experience and scale for growth

Technology providers can deliver more value to their customers by digitizing workflows across teams and the value chain.

  • Provide great customer and employee experiences
  • Connect the value chain
  • Accelerate time-to-market and revenue

Provide great customer and employee experiences

Running on the AI-powered Now Platform, technology providers can:

  • Expand self-service and drive down the cost-to-serve with feature-rich capabilities and seamless integration to operations teams and the partner ecosystem.
  • Provide proactive care by monitoring alerts that are received by event

Connect the value chain with Service Bridge

Reimagines how technology providers connect to enterprise customers and partners that already use the Now Platform. By creating a simple configuration, the technology provider can provide buying, support, and service experiences for their customers in minutes.

  • Grow revenues with faster ordering and onboarding.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and resolution times with enhanced service experiences.
  • Drive down the cost-to-serve with structured service requests and automated resolution workflows.

Accelerate time-to-market and revenue

With Order Management for Telecommunications, Media, and Technology, technology providers can:

  • Launch products and services faster with a scalable product catalog and data model, a simple configuration, and reusable processes​.
  • Onboard supplier capabilities quickly with Service Bridge.​
  • Shorten order delivery times and time-to-revenue for complex orders with automated, catalog-driven fulfillment.

Documentation reference: Technology Industry | ServiceNow Docs

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