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Serve your customer better with the ServiceNow CSM Vancouver release

From the most recent Vancouver release notes, it's evident that Customer Service Management (CSM) places its emphasis on integrating and orchestrating interactions between customers, agents, and operational aspects. This aims to enhance the capacity for prompt issue resolution and boost the efficiency of agents.

Serve your customer better with the ServiceNow CSM Vancouver release

CSM / FSM Configurable Workspace

In the realm of Field Service Management (FSM), monitoring planned maintenance and work orders is done through the CSM/FSM Configurable Workspace, offering a comprehensive overview of installation details and maintenance schedules. In the Vancouver release, FSM administrators have the capability to observe, generate, and steer maintenance plans directly from the installation base record within the CSM workspace.

Simultaneously, FSM technicians equipped with CSM agent roles can access installation base particulars through a maintenance plan, ensuring a seamless flow of information. This integration gives CSM agents a unified perspective on maintenance plans associated with an installation base, all accessible from the CSM workspace.

Case study

Imagine that you own thousands of office printers and you offer “printer nozzle cleaning” maintenance services every 6 months. 

A customer contacts a service agent to postpone the maintenance service date as he will be out of the office. In this situation, before the Vancouver release, the only thing that a service agent could check in the CSM Install Base Item was the printer model and maintenance expiration date. Maintenance plan details were available only in the FSM instance. 

Starting with the Vancouver release, service agents are now able to use the CSM / FSM Configurable Workspace to see the planned maintenance details, create cases and assign them to the maintenance team according to the customer’s wishes.

If we look at the same scenario but from the side of the maintenance team, thanks to the new enhancements they can now see not only maintenance plan details but also an Install Base Item (it was available only in CSM before). That gives them a better overview of their case and allows them to prepare for the maintenance service better e.g. schedule an additional work plan for a printer that needs to be upgraded to a new version in 3 months. 

Planned maintenance details in the ServiceNow CSM /FSM Configurable Workspace, Source: ServiceNow

By sharing information between customer service and field service agents, your customers can get the best service from both departments.

Service Organisation Management –  Available Services

A company provides a range of services to its customers; however, it’s important to note that not all services are universally offered by every service organisation. Available services allow service agents to efficiently identify service organisations that can provide the specific services requested by the customer. This, in turn, enhances agent efficiency and significantly minimises case rework.

Case study

Let’s have a look at the example below.

Example of the “Service Organisation Management – Available Services” feature

DVT HQ is a pharmaceutical manufacturer with its own dealership – DVT Paris and 3 factories – DVT Vienna, DVT Prague and DVT Frankfurt. 

Eliska, Hospital Sales – DVT Prague’s customer, visits DVT Prague and asks for prescription medication for her hospital. DVT Prague’s Manager – Petr, accesses the Agent Workspace and opens the DVT Prague business location record to find Eliska in the list of his customers and fulfil her request. But, Petr knows that his branch does not offer “prescription medication” services which he confirms by selecting the ‘Available services tab in the Agent Workspace which only shows the “non-prescription medication” option.

Now, Petr creates a case for Eliska but in order for her request to be fulfilled, he removes his own location from the Case Service Organisation field in the case form, selects Service Field “prescription medication” and finds 2 locations that offer these services within his company- DVT Vienna and DVT Frankfurt. He selects one of these two locations and assigns the case to them so that Eliska’s request is handled by the team that has resources for it.

Adding this additional feature within Service Organisation Management, organisations can reduce case resolution time by assigning a case straight to the business locations that offer a required service and fulfil their cases more efficiently.


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