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Fueling Creator Workflows with better UX and AI in the ServiceNow Vancouver release

ServiceNow Vancouver release brings an array of exciting enhancements. Let’s have a look at the most interesting changes and news for ServiceNow Creator Workflows.

App Engine Studio

ServiceNow Vancouver release introduced a new interface to the App Engine Studio homepage to improve navigation in the instance. Now, you can easily add an app using the new “Create an app” tile in the “Quick start” section. Additionally, the label for the tile to add logic and automation has been renamed to “Add an automated flow” and you can find your applications under “Your apps”.

App Engine Studio navigation, Source: ServiceNow

App Engine Management Center

One of the key updates in the ServiceNow Vancouver release is a new enhanced ATF and instance scan testing capabilities in the App Engine Management Center (AEMC). Now, you can run your customised test suites as part of an application deployment in addition to the instance scan and ATF testing suites that are standard in the AEMC.

Another new option is scheduling app deployments. When you approve an application deployment request to move an app to your production instance, you can either deploy it immediately or schedule the deployment for a future time.

Workspace Builder

When it comes to the Workspace Builder, you can see a lot of smaller enhancements:

  • Bookmark dashboards now have unique URLs
  • Faster, improved analysis and accessibility when using Analytics Center
  • Enhanced search for Workspace Builder with AI
  • Clarified modal for data visualizations – you can select between new visualizations or reuse saved components that an administrator created for you

Overall, it is pretty clear that with the Vancouver release, ServiceNow is trying to move more and more towards citizen development by giving the App Engine Studio tool more visibility and improving user experience.

Flow Designer

With the new release, comes a new user interface for the Flow Designer. Now you can easily resume working on your flows, see recently run items and updates to the flows.

A new user interface for the Flow Designer, Source: ServiceNow

One of the biggest add-ons to the Flow Designer is undoubtedly ServiceNow Now Assist. The system generates a list of AI recommendations for selecting the next component in your flow based on the current position in the flow and the flow components’ names listed before.

Last but not least, you can use the new Dynamic Input support functionality that generates a list of action inputs or input variables every time someone configures the action in a flow. The feature gives you a list of related action inputs, fields from a record or options available in a choice list.

Virtual Agent

ServiceNow Vancouver release brings a number of enhancements to the Virtual Agent application:

  • Multiple active conversations – you can separate or share topics and other data across multiple portals, with each user engaging in a different conversation for each of the portals
  • Virtual Agent scripts – you can reset all entities in a conversation with one API script call using the function vaSystem.resetAllEntities() 
  • Conversational Integration with Microsoft Teams – you can embed VA application in the Microsoft Teams extension to fetch ServiceNow AI Search results
  • Improved localization and attachment features in Microsoft Teams –  better quality of localization in the user’s preferred language and supporting multi-attachments, covering various scenarios including text, files, emojis and so on

Document Intelligence

The previously introduced AI solution, Document Intelligence, has now even more features. You can easily copy, export and import trained use cases  right from the use case page and expedite the classification of documents by:

  • defining document categories
  • labelling documents
  • setting up and training a document classification model
  • verifying or correcting classification predictions

Agent Workspace

ServiceNow Vancouver release includes also a few important updates to the Agent Workspace application. With the new AI/ML field recommendations, your agents can now quickly select recommended values embedded into the form fields, saving time on unnecessary details.

Moreover, agents are able to customise and store their filter sets for future use by configuring personalized filter sets, based on their roles.

Last but not least, the application enables you to prevent users from selecting inapplicable actions by configuring when a declarative action is available to users, based on the conditions of records selected in the list.


Looking at all the new updates that came for creator Workflows with the Vancouver release it is fair to say that ServiceNow is putting a strong emphasis on improving user experience and making the best out of its new AI capabilities. Building apps is getting more and more intuitive and easier with each release.


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