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Enhanced visibility as the key focus of the ServiceNow Washington DC Release for CSM

The latest ServiceNow Washington DC release is here and it’s time to see the most important updates for Customer Service Management. Let’s have a look at the key changes.

Customer Activity View

First of all, try to imagine you own a group of travel agencies. Every day, your customer service agents have to answer hundreds of calls and the goal is to maintain the highest possible CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score. Not every issue can be resolved fast, as some situations are very complex and there is a need to engage different agents over time. In order to be on top of the case, every single agent handling the case needs to go through all of the client’s history records, which takes a lot of time that could be used to help other customers. 

In the Washington DC release, Customer Activity View provides service agents with all the information about the customer in one place with 2 different views: Customer Information View and Customer Activity View. It helps agents quickly view the client information and their activities history to provide quick answers, which not only results in a higher CSAT score but also saves valuable time for the service agent.

Customer Information View, Source: ServiceNow
Customer Activities View, Source: ServiceNow

Last but not least,  your service agents can now see an AI-generated chat summary that gives them an overview of all past interactions with the customer in order to resolve their issues faster.

Chat summarization, Source: ServiceNow

Process Experience on Portals (CSM Professional)

Before the ServiceNow Washington DC release, Playbooks had only been possible on the agent side of the Case Management process, but now customers can also enjoy the same experience on the Portal. 

This new feature simplifies the intake of complex cases whilst also providing customer visibility into completed and pending tasks. 

Your customers will experience a clear roadmap of their Case, highlighting progress and remaining steps, with the flexibility to navigate back if needed. They’ll also enjoy intuitive options and input controls, streamlining the input of information for faster and more accurate submissions. Plus, they’ll never have to worry about losing progress – they can easily save and resume work on applications or forms at their convenience.

Playbooks for Portals offer a guided interface that delivers exceptional benefits:

  • Enhanced experience: Seamlessly follow a step-by-step process with features like save and resume, ensuring you can start work on a case and pick up right where you left off.
  • Decreased resolution time: Take prompt actions on pending tasks and activities related to your Cases, leading to faster and more accurate Case resolutions.
  • Increased visibility: Gain valuable insights into Case status and expected resolution time, empowering you with the visibility needed for informed decision-making.

This latest addition to ServiceNow functionality will be really useful to anyone who has a complex process that requires inputs from your customers or consumers at various stages.

Let’s have a look at how the process of repairing a product can be supported with the Process Experience:

  1. A consumer initiates a repair case by logging an issue with their new smart TV
  2. After troubleshooting the issue with the help of the support team, an issue is identified, which will require a repair in a specialised service centre – a repair case is initiated by the support team
  3. The consumer selects when the logistic company can pick up the device
  4. Once picked up, the customer sees the estimated time it will take to repair the device
  5. Once the repair is done, the consumer also chooses when the repaired device can be delivered back
  6. Once the device is delivered, the consumer needs to sign a document stating that the device is back and works


It’s evident that in the latest ServiceNow Washington DC release, the company has prioritised two main objectives: enhancing support for service agents in resolving customer issues and providing customers with better visibility into their cases. Improving both user and customer experiences is crucial for successful customer service management, making these enhancements highly valuable for every organisation.


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