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Embrace the Future with ServiceNow AI-Powered Chatbots

Embrace the Future with ServiceNow AI-Powered Chatbots

In the fast-paced landscape of modern business, staying ahead means embracing innovation that transforms how you engage with technology and optimise your operations. If your organisation already benefits from the ServiceNow platform, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey that takes your user experience to unprecedented levels. Introducing AI-powered chatbots, a game-changing enhancement that will revolutionise the way you interact with ServiceNow.

Future of Seamless Engagement

Picture a world where every interaction with your IT ecosystem flows as smoothly and naturally as a conversation with a trusted colleague. Thanks to ServiceNow’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology, this vision is now a reality. This remarkable capability empowers chatbots to comprehend and respond in a human-like manner, creating an experience that’s not only efficient but genuinely captivating.

Virtual Agents: Your New Business Allies

Imagine having dedicated problem-solvers available round-the-clock to handle inquiries, offer IT support and automate issue resolution. Do you see them? That’s ServiceNow’s Virtual Agents – intelligent chatbots armed with a human-like NLU, speaking multiple languages. These digital assistants are more than just technology. They’re invaluable team members that:

  • enhance your organisation’s efficiency,
  • reduce costs,
  • and provide personalised customer assistance. 

By enabling seamless self-service and task automation, Virtual Agents empower your team to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth.

Source: ServiceNow

Now Assist for Virtual Agent

As a trailblazer in AI integration, ServiceNow is ushering in a new era of user engagement with “Now Assist for Virtual Agent.” This revolutionary solution leverages generative AI to deliver lightning-fast, relevant responses within the Virtual Agent chatbot. 

Boosting productivity is now effortless, thanks to the ServiceNow Generative AI Controller, which seamlessly connects AI services for intelligent workflow automation: 

  • prioritising incidents with natural language explanations, and offering summaries;
  • quickly generating chat responses for customer service agents and automatically creating knowledge articles when needed;
  • assisting employees in finding actionable information such as benefits enrolment or laptop requests through Search or Virtual Agent.

By integrating “Now Assist for Search”, ServiceNow ensures precise information retrieval, guaranteeing users access to accurate answers whenever they need them.

Configurability at Your Fingertips

Customisation meets simplicity with “Now Assist for Virtual Agent.” Now you can craft dynamic conversational experiences effortlessly using low-code tools. Moreover, you can enhance user interactions by integrating large language models like Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service LLM or OpenAI API. This configurability seamlessly aligns with ServiceNow’s strategic vision of embedding AI capabilities, optimising processes, and enhancing your organisation’s user experience.

Source: ServiceNow

A Glimpse into the Future

Your journey towards an AI-powered future begins now. As a valued ServiceNow user, you have the opportunity to lead this transformation. The initial releases of Now Assist for Virtual Agent, Now Assist for Search and Generative AI Controller are scheduled with wider availability in September 2023 (ServiceNow’s Vancouver release). By embracing AI-powered chatbots, you’re not merely investing in technology; you’re investing in a future where user engagement soars, operational efficiency excels, and digital transformation takes on a new dimension.

Furthermore, ServiceNow in cooperation with world-leading IT companies has recently introduced the AI Lighthouse program, aiming to expedite the adoption of generative AI in enterprises. This project will enable businesses to create custom generative AI models for tasks such as reducing manual work, enhancing self-service options, and improving developer productivity across industries.


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