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Devoteam TechRadar Highlight: Lightstep

As IT environments evolve with cloud strategies and application modernization, traditional monitoring approaches no longer suffice. That’s where Lightstep, an advanced observability platform, comes into play.

Lightstep provides developers and site reliability teams with powerful tools to monitor the health of cloud-native applications and quickly respond to changes or anomalies.

It utilises distributed tracing technology built on OpenTelemetry, collecting data and integrating it into an extensive metrics database. Here, Change Intelligence analyses the data and provides insights into what caused specific changes or outages. With this information, teams can take proactive actions to address issues effectively.

Lightstep’s observability capabilities make it an ideal tool for modern applications. It enables root cause analysis, helping teams identify the underlying reasons behind issues and take appropriate actions. By leveraging the power of distributed traces, Lightstep excels in providing deep insights into the complex nature of modern applications.

When it comes to hybrid environments, both AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) tools and Lightstep are necessary. AIOps tools, such as ServiceNow Metric Intelligence and Health Log Analytics, focus on metrics and log analytics, while Lightstep’s strength lies in distributed traces. These technologies work hand in hand to provide comprehensive observability and root cause analysis for modern applications.

Lightstep also offers a service graph connector that seamlessly integrates microservice topology into ServiceNow’s CMDB (Configuration Management Database). The configuration process with existing ServiceNow CMDB is straightforward, ensuring smooth collaboration between the two platforms.

In conclusion, Lightstep is a powerful observability platform that empowers developers and site reliability engineering teams to monitor and respond to changes in cloud-native applications. Its advanced capabilities, such as distributed tracing and change intelligence, enable proactive problem-solving and efficient root-cause analysis.

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