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Devoteam TechRadar Highlight: Business Automation Concepts

Business Automation has become a crucial aspect of IT, enabling organisations to enhance the efficiency of their processes. In this article, we will explore three powerful technologies that facilitate business automation: Google AppSheet, AWS Step Functions, and Azure Logic Apps.

Google AppSheet

AppSheet, developed by Google, stands out for its seamless integration with the Google ecosystem. It empowers users to create simple graphical interfaces for managing data. With App Sheet, you can quickly build apps for phones or PCs to streamline data entry and data editing, leveraging tools like Google Sheets or even relational databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL as storage. 

For instance, you can create an inventory app in minutes, allowing users to scan QR codes, add details, and receive email notifications for low inventory levels. App Sheet’s user-friendly interface makes it a great choice, especially if you’re already using other Google solutions.

AWS Step Functions and Azure Logic Apps

AWS Step Functions and Azure Logic Apps, on the other hand, are cloud-based workflow automation tools. While they require a slightly higher skill level, they offer unparalleled performance and flexibility. AWS Step Functions, designed specifically for the AWS cloud, allows you to automate your AWS services with drag and drop configuration, for more advanced scenarios you can utilise AWS Lambda for serverless code execution. With its graphical interface and extensive resources for learning, it’s an excellent option if you’re deeply invested in the AWS ecosystem.

Azure Logic Apps, from Microsoft Azure, goes a step further by enabling integration beyond the Microsoft cloud. It offers pre-built connectors to popular platforms, solutions, and services (such as SalesForce, ServiceNow), allowing you to build complex workflows that span multiple environments. If you’re looking for a versatile automation tool, Azure Logic Apps is worth considering.

Business automation has the potential to revolutionise your organisation’s processes and boost productivity. By embracing tools like App Sheet, AWS Step Functions, and Azure Logic Apps, you can streamline operations, save time, and reduce risks. Take the first step towards transformative automation by exploring these technologies and discovering the possibilities they offer.

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