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CMDB done right: the Devoteam way

With our CMDB services, we focus on delivering solutions that help our clients run their IT Services better, centralize and consolidate, execute flawless operations, and maintain accurate costs.

CMDB done right: the Devoteam way
CMDB done right: the Devoteam way

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Main customer challenges

  • Over years of usage and development, CMDB has become customized
  • Platform becomes not compatible with the native ServiceNow features coming with new the versions
  • Customized data model contributing to the poor data quality causing degradation of CMDB overall value


The Devoteam Response

  • CMDB health assessment
  • Review of the foundation data
  • Analysis of the implementation of current data sources
  • Proposal of options to fix the findings


Key customer benefits

  • Roadmap to the decustomization and adherence to CMDB best practice as input to the action plan
  • Detected areas of CMDB with opportunities for improvements from the perspective of Completeness, Compliance, Correctness and Relationships

Main customer challenges

  • ServiceNow platform is being used for quite some time, undergoing numerous implementation projects with often suboptimal approaches creating technical debt
  • Implemented features with customizations are blocking fast ITOM adoption


The Devoteam Response


Addressing findings from the CMDB Healthcheck with focus on

  • Application Services
  • ITOM prerequisities in CMDB and other areas

Various delivery runtime based on the agreed scope and targets


Key customer benefits

  • Key CMDB elements decustomized in order to
    • Allow for ITOM implementation according to the best practice
    • Bring CMDB closest to the out-of-the-box guiding principles

Main customer challenges

  • With ServiceNow platform being used for quite some time, the business service layer is modelled with ofter creative but custom solutions imposing later challenges
  • Instead of fighting difficulties and applying fast decisions contributing to the technical debt, it is often easier to start over with service layer refactoring


Devoteam Response

  • Set up basic CSDM blueprint(s) for the entire Service Layer
  • Define scope of applications
  • Design rollout plan for application services in scope
  • Limitation: Design of CSDM Service Model only


Key customer benefits

  • Applied conceptual model to manage business services, application services, technical services and its underlying components with native support of ServiceNow platform and product features
  • Platform decustomized to allow for easier and faster further enhancements

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