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Generative Ren–AI–ssance:
Enterprise Transformation with Google Cloud

26th September 2023, Google office – Building B, Floor 8, Europaalle 8, 8004, Zurich

Welcome to an event that delves into the heart of AI, reshaping the way you do business. Explore real-world industry use cases in Customer Service and Sales & Marketing, and get hands-on with tools like Enterprise Search and AI Discovery Engine. But there’s more. We will also unveil seamless integration into your Enterprise, expertly guided from inception to execution. This is the start of your AI transformation journey, led by Devoteam and Google Cloud.

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What have we prepared for you? Generative Ren–AI–ssance:
Enterprise Transformation with Google Cloud

26th September 2023 Google Office – Zurich



30 mins

Meet & Greet – Breakfast Time
Jakub Hýl, Devoteam

60 min

Unveiling the Power of AI for Enterprises – Jakub Hýl

Step into the AI realm with our session’s kickoff, followed by insightful industry use cases in Customer Service and Sales & Marketing. Get hands-on with our tools – Enterprise Search and AI Discovery Engine – and see firsthand how they elevate productivity and supercharge conversion rates for our valued customers.


10 min

Break & Refreshments
Jakub Hýl, Devoteam

60 min

Navigating AI Integration for your Enterprise – Jakub Hýl

And that’s not all. In our second session, we’re unveiling how seamlessly you can integrate these game-changing solutions into your Enterprise. With our specific framework, we provide a clear roadmap, guiding you from inception to execution. Our expert team has everything in place to support you every step of the way.


30 min

Lunch (optional)

Jakub Hýl, Devoteam

Meet Jakub Hýl

Head of Cloud Services at Devoteam

  • Professional Machine Learning Engineer – Google Cloud 
  • Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer – Google Cloud
  • Professional Cloud Architect – Google Cloud
  • Associate Cloud Engineer – Google Cloud
  • Digital Leader – Google Cloud



Change Management with Data & Analytics

How Silverfin Harnesses Google Cloud to Transform Their Company with Generative AI

Silverfin has successfully integrated AI into its operations using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This integration led to a transformation of their business model and processes. The company’s achievements on GCP motivate them to further invest in the GenAI offering. We delve into Silverfin’s journey with GCP and Generative AI, highlighting their lessons learned.

Carrefour’s virtual assistant Sommelier Benoit finds the best wine to go with your meal

Carrefour Belgium implemented a virtual wine advice assistant ‘Sommelier Benoit’ for its stores. A first version of the Sommelier Benoit voice bot was developed on Google Cloud with Dialogflow & the Google Assistant in just 3 weeks. This Virtual Wine assistant received 600 interactions within the first 10 days, enhancing the in-store experience for Carrefour Belgium customers.

Your Go-To Google Cloud Premier Partner in the ALPS region

Work with an awarded partner. We’re always on the lookout for new technologies, tools, and apps to further innovate our customers’ businesses.


  Google Cloud specialization Application Development   Google Cloud specialization Infrastructure            

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